At North Lakes Sports & Rehab our passion is a healthy and well-balanced you.

Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy services at North Lakes Sports & Rehab are amongst the best available to the community on the north side of the river. North Lakes Sports & Rehab Physiotherapy provides tailored treatments and functional solutions for everything from sports injuries to headaches. You will work directly with an experienced physiotherapist, who will treat your symptoms to promote long-lasting relief.

We employ a multifaceted and holistic approach to healing in order to provide you with meaningful results. Our highly qualified team of physiotherapists provide the following treatments to name a few : core stability, deep tissue massage, dry needling, electrotherapy, exercise rehabilitation, myofascial release, real time ultrasound, spinal mobilisations and trigger point therapy.

Our esteemed physiotherapy team have access to range of specialised tools that they can implement to help you.  Some of the unique tools that we use here at North Lakes Sports & Rehab Physiotherapy include but at not limited to include Digital Running Analysis, Sports Screening Program, Core strengthening using a method of 1 on 1 pilates reformer and hydrotherapy.

At North Lakes Sports & Rehab we are privileged to have a qualified Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist who is leading our physiotherapy team to excellence. Gavin continues to be sought out by Queensland Academy of Sport and Australian Athletics for his incredible skill set.


North Lakes Sports & Rehab boasts the inclusion of an exceptional Exercise Physiologist on the team. All your physical wellbeing and exercise needs with an underpinning medical condition will be astutely managed by our exercise physiologist.

Our Exercise physiologist has an in depth understanding of the training demands of athletes ranging from developmental to Olympic levels.

Some of the specialised services that you can expect to receive at North Lakes Sports & Rehab Exercise Physiology includes but is not limited to are: physiologic assessment and scientifically backed principles to achieve athletic performance goals, treating musculoskeletal dysfunction, emphasising the correction of total body biomechanics to enhance movement quality.

In addition to this, our exercise physiologist will work closely with General Practitioners to develop targeted lifestyle interventions for a range of chronic and complex conditions including: obesity, osteoporosis, arthritis, dementia and cancers, in addition to neurological, cardiovascular, metabolic, pulmonary and mental health disorders.

Consistent with our ethos of quality education leading to increased client participation in improving their own health-based outcomes, exercise physiology at North Lakes Sports & Rehab promotes quality education delivery.


Massage can reduce your pain and improve your free movement. Our massage sessions can be very specific to particular areas of the body or focused on the entire body. Our highly qualified therapists will work with you to achieve the desired results.

We also offer therapeutic massage, which is similar to remedial massage. It provides a healing treatment for tense, tight and even knotted muscles. The healing comes via the way you perform the massage either gently or strong and the depth used on the tissue. Therapeutic massage naturally treats the body.

​​After a thorough assessment we use specialist hands-on manipulation of the soft tissue of the body to produce therapeutic physiologic effects promoting your health & wellness.


Acupuncture is mainly used as a pain relief treatment option. Acupuncture may provide short-term pain relief and is commonly used in combination with other treatment options.

We use both Dry Needling and Western Acupuncture as part of our treatment depending on our assessment findings.

Dry Needling is aligned with current western medicine principles and sports medicine. It is an excellent adjunct to soft tissue massage by helping reduce muscular pain and improve or restore function. It can be an effective form of treatment for many conditions such as headaches, tennis elbow and lower back pain.

In comparison acupuncture involves the use of meridians or pathways that are believed to regulate the body’s energy or “chi” maintaining it in a constant state of balance. Current research is growing for its effectiveness in the management of musculoskeletal conditions.


North Lakes Sports & Rehab personal training aims to help you achieve your maximum result and ensures that you will reach your short and long term goals.

Our one-to-one personal fitness training is perfect for those who wish to train alone and receive their trainer’s absolute focus and attention. Our personal trainers will work with you to establish a program that will enable you to reach the results you are after.

We also have a range of group classes that are designed to suit all levels of fitness. Despite being in a group setting, you will still receive the support and guidance from the trainer.

Our group sessions are designed to be social, fun and and a great workout no matter your health and fitness goals.